Visual Tour: Iceland

Inspired by literally every professional photographer's trip to Iceland, I decided to compile an amateurish photographic tour of my 2016 trip. Iceland is probably the most aesthetically-pleasing place I have ever traveled to, so I give credit to mother nature for how these photos turned out. From the minimalist style to the muted tones, the landscape is perfection from every angle.


This is the first place everyone should visit in Reykjavik. The modern architecture ascends over the colorful rooftops of the town and has an unmatched view.


The Golden Circle is probably one of the most popular tours from Reykjavik. And for good reason. From the site that joins North America and Europe in Þingvellir to the rushing waters of Gullfoss, it's a great sample of the natural wonders Iceland has to offer.


Maybe not a great place for photography, but even the most relaxed spa-goers can't help but give in to the highly photogenic baby blue waters of the lagoon.


Sure, Iceland is probably most celebrated for its beautiful natural landscapes, but Reykjavik has a unique style worth appreciating. Beautifully simple Nordic design with a hint of Viking directed at the tourists. I loved the colorful houses and quaint streets, the deep blue sea and snowy mountains beyond.

For more details on my trip to Iceland, check out my blog posts (part 1 & part 2). If you would like to use any of my photos or purchase a print, please contact me here.