snapshots from reykjavik

the northernmost capital of the world

Reykjavik is so damn cute. 

Yes, that was my first impression and I stand by that. Maybe it’s just the Icelandic quaint-ness. Maybe it’s the fact that the houses are in pretty pastels. Maybe it’s because they are the “biggest city” in the country but it’s smaller than my small suburban town back home. Point is, Reykjavik is very cute and very photogenic. 


Like any good European city, Reykjavik is anchored around a church. Except this one looks different from all the (let’s be real, very similar looking) Gothic cathedrals around the continent. It’s sleek. It’s modern. It captures the essence of Nordic design.

Oh, and ofc the most important thing to do when you go anywhere is to climb up to the highest point and look down. You can kill two birds with one stone here, visiting the church and catching the views from the top. 

All the damn cute houses look like toys from up top 😭

But also, when skies get so grey and long winters mean precious few hours of sunlight, of course you’d paint your buildings with bright colors and top them with colorful roofs. 

at the street level, everything looks pristine. like you just walked into a snow globe. 

rule number two

If my first rule of thumb is to go high and look down, my second is to walk towards the water wherever you go. Every good city has its body of water, whether that’s the ocean, a lake or a river. It also helps in terms of orienting yourself as you wander. 

Public art, check. Also, just the picturesque little houses along the road, public art in my eyes. And of course the architectural icons (including the stunning Harpa Concert Hall).

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