snapshots from an airstream in the desert

in the dead of summer

Who decided it would be a good idea to go to the desert in the dead of summer?

Me, apparently.

And to top it all off, we decided to Airbnb an airstream. Aka live in a metal box in the desert in the middle of July.


Don’t worry, the metal box was air conditioned, so it was tolerable.

~~ into the desert we go ~~

This was a short trip, but a fun one to get out of the city even just for a day. We drove out early Saturday morning, stopping by Friends and Family in East Hollywood to pick up a pre-ordered picnic basket (and some pastries & coffee – no self-control here).

We got to Joshua Tree around noon, it was 102 degrees. After stopping by the visitor center for a map and pass, we drove into the park for a much deserved picnic. Needless to say, at 100 degrees, even at a shady table the picnic was pretty but short. A short hike and some pictures around Hidden Valley Nature Trail later, it was back out to town.

BTW – highly recommend their picnic baskets – you can pick and choose exactly what you want to curate the perfect picnic. Their chicken salad and flatbread were the favorites. 

PS – also recommend hauling over your own charcuterie board and cheese knives. You know, for the aesthetics.

no close ups in this heat 🥵

To kill some time before checking into the Airbnb, we got a refreshing pick me up from Natural Sisters Cafe and shopped around the boutiques and then wandered over to Art Queen. 

The Airbnb is actually a piece of land with a handful of airstreams. There’s a common area with an outdoor kitchen and dining space, as well as an indoor lounge + kitchenette. The bathroom was off to the side and fairly new as well (and yes, complete with a Joshua tree mosaic and a Himalayan salt lamp if you must ask. 

Everything was made for influencers: perfectly curated to be photogenic and just scream #desertlife (in fact, at least 2 of the other airstreams were definitely occupied by European YouTubers that weekend). 

Since we were only staying for the weekend, we didn’t end up using the common area all that much, but it would definitely be great for an outdoor dinner party, and for morning coffees. 

Tbh what kills me is the random personal items, like they look cute until you realize how strange it is that there is just a cowboy hat and guitar and sketchbook hanging out in this place where no one actually lives.

An early dinner at Pappy and Harriet’s (long summer days mean late sunsets).

I mean, come on. Have you ever seen such a perfect watercolor sunset gradient? 

And then back into the park for sunset views before calling it an early night…

The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn to get some time in the park before it got too hot. The added bonus was that soft morning glow and having popular spots to ourselves for the most part. 

One last breakfast and then it was back into the city (with a quick pit stop in SGV because let’s be real, have I ever driven through without stopping by?).

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