highly likely

that you’ll be taking a wild detour to come visit

Trendy cafes and trendy people tend to gravitate toward the same pockets around the city. Perhaps Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake or Echo Park. Or Melrose, west of Fairfax, of course. Or perhaps somewhere in Venice. Or the increasingly populated parts of Culver City. But then there are some places that are trendsetters, paving the road for hipsters (and gentrifiers, let’s be honest), to explore a less frequented part of town. Highly Likely has managed to attract a stream of third wave coffee drinkers to West Adams of all places.


If it were located anywhere else though, it’d probably be too good to be true. The all day cafe is airy and spacious. There’s ample street parking nearby. They serve great coffee and food. There’s plenty of seating to go around for all those creative entrepreneur types that have the time to be taking a meeting out here on a weekday afternoon. In the context of West Adams, it does feel a little out of place. But if you’re looking to escape from those other popular parts of town, this is a great place to be.

the details

Address4310 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Hours7am to 8pm every day
Price$$ – don’t be fooled by the location, the prices are more on par with Santa Monica or Silver Lake than the local neighborhood
Aestheticlike your friend who’s much cooler than you’s loft

good to know

Go here for: a lunch meeting with fellow creative freelancers

Order this: a specialty coffee drink and anything that comes with bread bc they use Bub and Grandma’s 

Amount of time to spend: an hour or two, it’s a nice place to park for a bit

When to come: morning if you’re looking to get some work done, evening or weekends if you’re looking to be social 

Parking: is ample. It’s easy to find street parking within a block.

Other things to note: 

  • Free wifi is available only on weekdays until 5pm

Last visited: February 2019

Last updated: February 2020

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