dinosaur coffee

your friendly neighborhood cafe with a quirky cute name

The great thing about coffee shops is the way they cultivate community through welcoming gathering spaces, just like how Dinosaur Coffee serves its local neighborhood (and greater LA, because lets be real a lot of us are willing to travel for an aesthetic coffee). As someone who used to live about a 5 minute walk away, I can attest to how this cafe draws a local crowd. The baristas are friendly, but not just in a 5 star service way, but in a they’re genuinely friends with each other way.


The space is airy and bright, centered around a wooden hanging sculpture that hosts the menu. The wood motif also follows the walls with shelving filled with plants, merch and coffee paraphernalia. Besides the cute prints on their cups and sleeves, there really isn’t much dinosaur happening as there is third wave minimalist hipster aesthetic happening. If Intelligentsia a couple blocks down is overly scene-y, Dinosaur is a much more tolerable scene (plus more indoor seating). PS: they brew SF’s Four Barrel and serve local pastries from Friends and Family.

the details

Address4334 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
Hours7am to 7pm daily
Price$$ – typical third wave coffee shop prices $3-5 drinks
Aestheticbright, natural, east side hipster-catering style

good to know

Go here for: a morning coffee run, a coffee date

Order this: whatever your preferred preparation of espresso and milk

Amount of time to spend: if you’re staying around, maybe like an hour or so, it isn’t too crowded on weekdays so maybe a bit longer then

When to come: if you’re hoping to stick around for a while, avoid weekend afternoons, which tend to get pretty packed, but if you’re grabbing to go, any time is a good time

Parking: is usually not too difficult. There’s metered parking on Sunset, and free street parking on the residential streets a block in. 

Other things to note: 

  • They don’t have wifi, but they are right next door to McDonald’s…which does have wifi. It can be spotty though.
  • They have pastries from Friends and Family, but these usually sell out by mid-day.
  • On some days if you’re lucky, a food truck parks outside (ie: Yeastie Boys) and provides a lil something to munch on with that coffee.

Last visited: March 2019

Last updated: April 2019

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