sk's donuts

your go-to mom & pop donut shop (if you live east of Beverly Hills but west of Larchmont)

For a city obsessed with juice cleanses, it is truly weird how much we adore our donuts. If you’ve spent enough time in LA, you’ve probably been exposed to a friendly argument on whether DK’s or SK’s is better. But the truth is, both are good, and where you go depends on what side of the 405 you’re on. Because let’s be real, no donuts are worth trying to get to the other side during the omnipresent rush hour. 
Located in a strip mall with an offensively tiny parking lot, it really doesn’t get more LA than this. Except it does. In that it’s an independently owned shop that has been run by an immigrant family since the 80s. They serve a wide range of over the top donuts and “SKronuts” that don’t skimp on the ingredients. A couple years ago they closed for renovations and half of LA freaked out. But they’re back now, glossy and ready to sugar up your coworkers. So pick up a donut or a dozen, read up on LA’s donut legacy, and embark on a donut crawl for “research” so that you’ll be able to jump in next time the conversation topic arises.

the details

Address 5850 W 3rd St Suite #A, Los Angeles, CA
HoursMon – Wed: 6a – 10p
Thu – Sun: 6a – 12a
Price $-$$, more than Krispy Kreme, but less than Sidecar
Aesthetic charming recently renovated mom and pop shop vibes, endearing

good to know

Go here for: a morning pick me up, and an excusable reason to be late to work

Order this: any of their “Skronuts” (whatever flavors and toppings are calling screaming your name, and fruit flavored cake donuts (blueberry is 👌🏼)  

Amount of time to spend: usually no wait, and you can be in and out in 10 minutes…unless you suffer from decision paralysis like I do

When to come: on a cheat day 🙂 Ok but really any time is a good time, they have pretty long hours. Might be a bit of a line during morning rush and late night munchies time.

Parking: isn’t too bad. They have a tiny lot which isn’t too bad throughout the day, since people don’t stay long. Otherwise, there’s parking in the residential streets, but watch out for signs.

Other things to note: 

  • Take out only, so do as Angelenos do and eat it in your car while parked in a red zone
  • You can order for pick up via Google Maps
  • If you’re sweet they might throw in some free treats for the road 🙂  

Last visited: March 2019

Last updated: June 2019

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