luv2eat thai bistro

with a name like this, you know it’s legit

Luv2Eat checks off all the important boxes that qualify for legit Thai establishment in LA. It’s in a an unassuming strip mall, has a questionable name, displays prints from press coverage, and carries a cult-like status among LA foodies. To prove my point, the last time I went (with my mom), we sat next to two guys live Instagramming their meal, giving 10 second reviews of each dish they ordered. And they ordered many many dishes (for one of them, it was his first time there and his enthusiasm level is one I aspire to reach in literally anything in life). Needless to say, my suburban mother was equally intrigued and horrified by the encounter. 

To the untrained eye, Luv2Eat seems like any other mom-and-pop Thai restaurant. “Practically” furnished, a crowded “Chef’s Specials” page stuffed into a plastic-covered menu, a haphazard selection of decor, including a giant fork and spoon mounted on the wall. And of course, a refrigerator full of fresh durian that they sell by the box. 

But you’re not here for the atmosphere, you’re here for the Southern Thai food. If your idea of beautiful plating is 3 kinds of meat (crispy roast pork, bbq pork and roasted duck) artfully arranged on top of jade green noodles, then you’re in the right place. But really, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, especially the “Chef’s Special” section full of Phuket specialities. Just make sure you order everything a notch down from your typical spice level. They aren’t kidding when they warn you about the “Thai spicy.”

the details

Address 6660 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA
Hours 11-3:30pm, 4:30-11pm
Price $$, most menu items are $10-20
Aesthetic you’re not here for the aesthetics, which for what it’s worth, just reinforce the legitimacy of this place 

good to know

Go here for: a flavor punch that will brighten any day of the week

Order this: jade noodles, crab curry, fried chicken 

Amount of time to spend: ~1hr aka plenty of time to stuff your face and pay

When to come: either right before lunch rush or right before dinner rush to avoid a wait 

Parking: they 👏🏼 have 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 free 👏🏼 lot 👏🏼, that is all

Other things to note: 

  • If you want the fried chicken, it takes a little longer so order this first.
  • They do take reservations via OpenTable, but generally walk ins are easy for lunch and not too long a wait most nights
  • $10 minimum for credit cards.

Last visited: February 2022

Last updated: July 2022

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