pretty spaces in barcelona

because apparently, barcelona is full of them

First impressions of Barcelona? Wow this place is full of beautifully designed spaces. And I’m not talking Gaudí, I’m talking about boutique hotels and pretty restaurants and trendy cafés. Apparently Barcelona loves a good interior and I am 100% here for it. 

So there’s a local chain of boutique hotels called Praktik. There are locations all around Barcelona, and each one has a different theme. Of course, the one I chose was the bakery themed. The hotel itself was quite small, but nothing beats the smell of fresh baked goods wafting around the building. 

And then there’s Casa Bonay. Also a beautifully designed boutique hotel. Also with a beautiful restaurant/lounge inside, a rooftop bar, and an adjacent café. All impeccable. Just look at those metallic accents popping against the jewel tones. Have you ever? 

Who knew that Satan’s coffee would be so damn aesthetic? 

On second thought, Barcelona is practically drowning in cute coffee shops.

left to right:

Nomad Coffee Roasters

Onna Cafe

Federal Cafe

Sabio Infante

Of course the restaurants don’t disappoint either. Casa Lolea is so amazingly well-branded it’s making me rethink my aversion to polka dots. Meanwhile Bar But is right up my alley when it comes to neutrals & minimals.

And on top of everything, there’s El Nacional. Which is the most beautiful food hall I’ve ever stepped foot in. Like, there’s absolutely no reason that any form of a food court needs to be this beautiful. It feels like stepping into a Vegas hotel, something so carefully crafted, designed to evoke a perfectly curated atmosphere. 

I mean, just look at the light fixtures and the tiled floor. Can you even?

PS: shoot me a note if you have more beautiful recs in Barcelona, I’m so ready

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