la tropézienne

some saint-tropez charm blessed upon los angeles

What is a tropézienne? Two delightfully light pillows of brioche sandwiching a rich, orange blossom perfumed cream filling and generously dusted in powdered sugar. The kind of pastry that makes you feel classy just saying it. Just knowing it.

La Tropezienne hails from Saint-Tropez, where it established quite a reputation before opening up on what used to be a quiet block of La Brea (which has in recent years become a lot less sleepy). The space is airy and bright, gold letters against stark marble a motif that extends to the packaging too (seriously if you ever need to impress, just bring a box of these pastries, the box alone will be enticing).


But anyways, La Tropezienne is my go-to for chill pastry runs on La Brea (a lot less stressful than dealing with the Republique line, that’s for sure). A tried-and-true stop for all sorts of croissants. And probably the only place in LA where you can get a tropézienne.

the details


211 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles
757 S Main St, Los Angeles

YelpLa Brea | DTLA
Hours7am to 6pm every day
7am to 7pm Friday to Sunday at the La Brea location
Price$$ – typical french pastry prices (about on par with Bottega Louie)
AestheticFrench chic, airy marble with gilded accents

good to know

Go here for: pretty french pastries in a pretty french space

Order this: a tropezienne. They come in different sizes, so you can get a mini one and something else too (ahem, might I suggest one of their decked out croissants?)

Amount of time to spend: most people grab things to go, but if you have the time, they do have seating inside and outside.

When to come: weekday evenings for half priced pastries, or on a leisurely weekend day. It never gets too busy inside.

Parking: can be a hit or miss. There are meters along La Brea if you’re lucky, otherwise try the 2 hour street parking along the residential streets a block in. As always, check signs, most are permit only after 6pm. Downtown is always a mess, you might need to go a couple blocks out (west or south) to find a meter. 

Other things to note: 

  • On weekdays, they have “happy hour” where all viennoiseries are $3 and pastries (tarts & cakes) are $6, perfect for grabbing a treat for tomorrow morning. 

Last visited: February 2020

Last updated: March 2020

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