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If money weren’t a factor, my dream job would be to buy a fixer upper and make it into a cozy, pretty, three bedroom bed and breakfast in a quaint city far away. Spending my days designing and redesigning the space, making breakfast and chatting up my guests from all around the world. Of course, this actually exists. It’s in Porto. Juan has it all figured out. A beautiful home, color-themed rooms, a cute garden in the back.

Staying at myhomeinporto was a highlight of my Spain and Portugal trip last year. I’d come across it through (you guessed it) Instagram, and bookmarked it for years, knowing I just had to stay there if I ever visited the city.

The house itself is insanely cute, a green tiled facade and large, gorgeous windows that add to the inviting curb appeal. The history comes through with the wood flooring and the spacious high ceilings. The house is elegant and homey in an old-time way. There are several rooms, dividing up the house into dedicated spaces, creating little nooks with a (somewhat unnecessary) number of doors and walls. But the flow of the space, a lengthy hallway leading back into the kitchen and out into the garden, makes it feel connected rather than divided.


When you enter, there is a cozy library down the steps. One of the three rooms, the pink room (the room I stayed at), is on this main floor. Beyond it are stairs leading up to the other two rooms (the yellow room and green room, and the dining room (my personal favorite room in the house). Past that there’s the quaint little kitchen, and doors to the garden. There are bathroom units installed into each of the three rooms, sleek and modern, but somehow fits perfectly into the space.

Every detail in the space is perfectly curated. The decor sets the tone. The books get you into the zone. The fresh flowers add to the atmosphere. And when that late afternoon light floods the room, it’s pretty magical. 

The atmosphere is serene throughout. With the noticeable lack of electronics around the space (though there’s good wifi, so you can bring your own electronics…), it feels timeless in a way. A traditional, nostalgic lifestyle that makes you fantasize about just… settling in, giving up all the craziness of reality back home and living a simpler life in the picturesque city.

Mornings in the home are worth savoring. Don’t stay here if you’re one of those up and out at dawn with a packed itinerary types. This is best for leisurely travelers. Wake up without an alarm. Have an extra cup or two of tea at breakfast while you converse with your host and the other guests. Keep your itinerary organic, ask for recommendations and Juan will pull out a paper map and draw out his own recommendations and routes. And come home often. With all the stairs that Portugal has to offer, nothing beats the feeling of coming home to your room, your haven.


All of this is to say, if you can’t make your own bed and breakfast dream come true, you can at least live a few days of it in Porto.

the details

AddressRua de Ferreira Cardoso 72, 4300-197 Porto, Portugal
Price$$-$$$, it may be on the higher end compared to hotels in the city, but it’s well worth it (and very affordable compared to other pricey European cities).
Aestheticvintage charm without the stuffiness. It feels airy and bright and beautiful.

good to know

Booking: You can book directly via the website. Most communication is handled over email, and Juan will provide detailed instructions on payment (via wire). Note that there is a two night minimum stay, and special rates for 5+ nights.

Getting here: Porto’s metro tram system can be a little confusing at first, because the lines converge and go the same route in the downtown part. From the airport, you can take pretty much any train to Campo 24 Agosto station since it’s in the downtown part and all the lines go through there. If you end up on one that ends at Trinidade, just grab the next tram to continue on two stops.

Other things to note:

  • Juan speaks four languages fluently (!!): English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. Most of the guests speak one or more of these languages, and it’s always lovely to meet the others at breakfast.
  • It’s dog-friendly for those lucky enough to be traveling with a pup.
  • Breakfast is different and freshly prepared every morning, with tea and coffee. Just be sure to note of any dietary restrictions ahead of time.

Last visited: May 2019

Last updated: March 2020