LA’s darling sunny middle eastern-ish franchise

LA loves its Middle Eastern food. I mean, between the Jewish, Armenian and Persian populations in this city, we’re pretty well-covered when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisines. But what happens when you shine some California sun and a dash of east side hipster design to a modern Middle Eastern, Mediterraneanish restaurant? You get Kismet. The neighborhood restaurant we all deserve.

Kismet gets a lot of love, both from Angelenos and from the foodie community at large. And for good reason. It’s the kind of place you can pop in for a casual cute weekday solo lunch full of fresh seasonal produce that makes you feel extra cute, and a place where you can gather with friends for a family-style dinner paired with their ever-changing natural wine list. It’s good food that’s beautiful, but accessible. And most importantly, sharable. You know you’ve had a good meal when you’re sleepy full, staring at empty glasses, plates with sauces wiped down with bread, crumbs littering the table surface.

the details

Address4648 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles
Rotisserie: 4666 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles
Hoursopens at 11am on weekdays 10am on weekends, closes at 10pm on school nights or 11pm on Friday and Saturday
Price$$-$$$ – most things are in the $10-20 range, but I mean, if you order the whole menu, it does add up
AestheticCalifornia chic, simple Scandi-esque furnishings in a natural, bright space

good to know

Go here for: a pretty brunch, a family dinner

Order this: order as many things as possible if you’re in a group, otherwise for brunch, the Turkishish Breakfast gives you a little of everything (maybe order extra bread), and for dinner be sure to get the jeweled rice for the table, some spreads and whatever seasonal veggie-forward bites

Amount of time to spend: an hourish for daytime, maybe two for dinner time

When to come: during the day is usually easier to snag a table (especially on the early side), otherwise for dinner (especially on the weekends), it’s best to make a reservation

Parking: is a hit or miss, if you’re lucky, there are meters on Hollywood Blvd. Otherwise, try your luck on the strange little block of residential streets between Hollywood and Sunset.

Other things to note: 

  • Their menu is pretty vegetable forward, but also has some meat and seafood dishes, so it is pretty accommodating for vegetarians and pescatarians.
  • They have indoor and outdoor dining available.
  • They also have Kismet Rotisserie, specializing in chicken and veggie dinners just down the street, great for a casual meal or take out.

Last visited: January 2020

Last updated: June 2020

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