occupying that aesthetic grey area between cafe and restaurant 

There are a lot of pretty coffee places in east LA. Just Sunset Blvd alone is like an endless string of aesthetic, hipster-catering coffee shops. But Triniti takes it to the next level. It’s intimidatingly aesthetic. The entire space is painted black. Everything is served in beautiful, sleek ceramic. Seasonal produce line the counter top, ready to be created into art in a bowl. The baristas all look the part for a place like this. And the patrons? The hippest of hipsters.

Triniti is ultra-modern, borderline experimental. The chef and co-owner came from Destroyer, so food is like art. Their seasonal menu is small but mighty. But as pretentious as the space feels and the food looks, it is still somehow an inviting neighborhood spot to grab some coffee, flip through some pages of The New Yorker, and have a friend come meet you for a casual meal as you people watch out the window along Sunset Blvd.

the details

Address1814 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
Hours8am – 3pm every day
Price$$ – on-par with third wave coffee shops, but they put in like 20x more effort into each dish so we’re not mad about paying a pretty penny for it
Aestheticsleek, modern, minimal in a high brow, almost European way

good to know

Go here for: obnoxiously aesthetic coffee and food prettier than you

Order this: black latte (bc the only thing that makes a perfect pour even prettier is if it is monochromatic), plus anything on their seasonal plant-based menu, it’s all beautiful 

Amount of time to spend: anything from a quick coffee to a leisurely meal

When to come: whenever. Weekdays are more chill, but even on the weekends, people are going in and out so there isn’t generally a wait

Parking: can be a hit or miss, but usually there’s free street parking in the residential blocks. There’s also a public parking lot behind the next block, free on Sundays, otherwise metered.

Other things to note: 

  • They do have free wifi, with the password posted by the pastry case, but the seats aren’t exactly the most comfortable for working. 

Last visited: April 2019

Last updated: June 2020

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