morning rituals

The funny thing is… I was most excited to move to New York to start a new routine. I figured, new city, new job, new everyday experience. I was eager to get back into a rhythm after having spent the better part of 2019 wandering. 

Of course, 2020 had different plans for us all. And instead of launching into a new routine, we were catapulted into a “new normal” that truly puts self-discipline to the test. When the only difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday is the hour at which you open up that laptop, it’s pretty hard to maintain a routine, and feels at times pointless to try. Nevertheless over the months, I’ve fallen into a different rhythm anchored in morning rituals. Going through the same motions each morning to ease into the day. And while I still look forward to finally establishing my new routine, there’s something cathartic about this at home version that I do appreciate.


Alarm goes off. Although, I’m usually already awake. My bedroom gets plenty of natural light, so I wake up with the sun and the muffled sounds of the city outside. 

Regardless, it is a luxury to get out of bed just an hour before work officially begins and still have time to have a morning. The first thing, I do is peek outside through the sliver of window under the curtain to see what the weather is, to check for blue skies.


After leisurely catching up on notifications, brushing my teeth and changing, I’m out the door for a run. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no runner. But these days, we need all the physical activity we can get considering the confines. And with no gyms, the neighborhood is my gym. And mornings mean fewer people out, and easier social distancing. Idk how some people are able to run with masks on. I already can’t breathe. 

I take variations of the same route each day. Essentially, a couple blocks radius and then up to the water, across Domino Park and back. It comes out to about a mile and a half, which means I’m back in time to finish my morning routine.

Plus, going out to the waterfront is a reminder that I do live in this beautiful city that I’ll someday get to see. And have a beautiful office across the water, towering over the city, waiting for us to return.


Back to the apartment. Start the kettle. Wash up. 


Coffee time. Three scoops. Fresh grind. The rich aroma filling the room. Water’s ready. Into the French press. 

Ok Google, set timer for 5 minutes.

Assemble breakfast. Breakfast is usually some kind of fruit and yogurt bowl. I always keep granola on hand, making fresh batches over the weekend. A drizzle of orange blossom honey, whatever fruit looked good at the store. Take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous morning light flooding into the apartment.


Me and my bowl and my mug settle in at my desk. In another morning ritual, I add a couple drops of essential oil into my diffuser and turn it on. Deep breath. Open up that laptop. Check for the to-do’s I jotted down last night. Time for work.