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Contrary to popular belief in the rest of the country, Los Angeles loves its bakeries. There are several great ones around the city, no matter where you are, you won’t be far from a decent one. And then there’s Proof Bakery in Atwater. Sure, most of us don’t hang out around Atwater all the time (unless maybe you live in deep Silver Lake or Glendale). But with this gem of a bakery right in the heart of Atwater…maybe we will.

Even if you haven’t been to the bakery’s brick and mortar, if you hang around the city for long enough, you’ll likely have their pastries at some point. Several coffee shops (like Eightfold in Echo Park) proudly serve their pastries. But if you’re here, be sure to go all out: get a sandwich, and a slice of cake. Everything here is amazing. Everyone here is lovely.

Since opening in 2010 (in a historic bakery location – the spot has been home to bakeries for decades), Proof has established itself as a neighborhood staple. Proof is an easy favorite among east siders, but well worth the drive even from west of the 405. And if that doesn’t tell you enough…just take a bite of their almond croissant.

the details

Address3156 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles
Hours8am – 4pm every day
Price$$-$$$, pretty standard ($4-6 for pastries, $3-5 for coffee and tea)
Aestheticsimple, minimal, homey…tbh you barely even take notice of the aesthetic bc all that matters is that beautiful beautiful pastry spread

good to know

Go here for: treating yourself to some of the best pastries in the city

Order this: any of their baguette sandwiches, almond croissant (or any croissant for that matter), canele – you can’t go wrong with anything, and their menu changes daily featuring seasonal ingredients and flavors 

Amount of time to spend: great for a drive by to pick up things to go (live up that Atwater mom life, hit the farmers market, etc etc), or for a quick breakfast or lunch to catch up with a friend over delicious carbs

When to come: in the morning if you have your heart set out on something in particular, they do run out of many items by the afternoon

Parking: is easy peasy with a small free lot in the back, free street parking on the side streets and meters out front.

Other things to note: 

  • Sandwiches usually come out by 11:30, so if you’re craving a sandwich maybe don’t come tooooo early.
  • Full cakes and pastries are available for pre-order too.
  • They are currently not having any indoor seating, but have a couple tables outside.

Last visited: January 2022

Last updated: January 2022

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