japanese sensibilities in a sharp lifestyle shop

Topdrawer is a droolworthy shop that is basically low hanging fruit for anyone who identifies as a “creative” or anyone who loves traveling to Tokyo just to shop. The lifestyle shop is heavy on the writing tools and travel accessories that cater to a nomadic lifestyle that, let’s be real, we all aspire to. The shop is beautifully curated, filled with simply designed quality “productivity” products that are functional and stylish. From bags to socks, sunglasses to pens, everything is a part of everyday life, and an opportunity to invest in the simple necessities.

Everything they sell is designed with sustainability in mind, and even the stores themselves have shelving made from reclaimed wood and recycled metals. While many a lifestyle shop offer a plethora of reusable water bottles, Topdrawer has an entire section dedicated to bentos, taking the Japanese sensibilities of balanced meals carefully crafted into boxes and making it the new must-have accessory for this generation of digital nomads. Whether it’s backpacks or notebooks or bento boxes, the primary colors and neutrals and simple silhouettes make for timeless choices that exude humble elegance.

the details

Address all locations are listed online here
Instagram @topdrawershop
Hours most locations open at 11am and close in the evening between 6 and 9pm, they also have a full fledged online shop for 24/7 shopping
Price $$-$$$, boutique-y prices (notebooks ~$10-20, backpacks ~$100-200)
Aesthetic timeless minimalism inspired by tradition, warm and bold tones

good to know

Go here for: stocking up on writing tools and travel essentials 

Don’t miss: their stock of vintage Supercolor 600 polaroid cameras, for truly taking that aspirational travel journaling to the next level 

Amount of time to spend: probably at least 20 minutes to peruse the small shop of wonders, unless you know what you’re coming for

When to come: whenever!

Other things to note: they have an online shop so you can shop from anywhere, any time

Last visited: August 2019

Last updated: December 2020

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