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Whether you’re at WeHo, Song or Sahm, two things are guaranteed. The first is flavor. The second, a great time. You see, Night+Market is more than about the food, more than about the natural wine list, or even the crazy cocktails. It’s more than the family history, or the James Beard awards, or the owner, Kris Yenbamroong, who is definitely cooler than you. Night+Market is about the ~ v i b e ~ as in, this place captures the atmosphere of an oversaturated party in a way that is so on brand and so extra in the best ways, that one can only aspire to be accepted into this foodie club that worships larb and crispy rice salads.

Maybe it’s the neon lights that add to the party glow. Or maybe it’s the table coverings – depending on your location this could range from old school florals to cheetah print. It likely has something to do with the beaded curtains and in-your-face highlighter colors everywhere you look. The fact remains that Night+Market is the only place that can pull this off. If any piece of it were to appear in a different restaurant, it would be inexcusably cingeworthy. But here, all together, it makes even the most snobbish aesthetes feel compelled to embrace the chaos. After all, it seems fitting that the atmosphere pack a punch to complement the food itself.

And about that food. There’s really nothing you can go wrong with. Night+Market has the perfectly curated menu, one that invites you to play around the edges of familiarity when it comes to Thai food favorites. Whereas other establishments by boast authenticity or simplify and localize to the lowest hanging fruit, Night+Market changes it up, allowing patrons buy into the philosophy and embrace the juxtaposition of favorites borrowed from the streets and food courts of Bangkok to fusion combinations that could only happen in LA (read: pastrami pad kee mao). And they take their drink menu just as seriously (that is to say, lighthearted fun but with deep-rooted good taste). Point is, Night+Market draws a vibrant night crowd any time of day, and that’s why we love it so much.

the details


WeHo: 9043 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood
Silver Lake (Song): 3322 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
Venice (Sahm): 2533 Lincoln Blvd, Venice



Hours1pm – 9pm everyday, closed Tuesdays
Price$$ – everything on the menu is <$20 (the food menu, that is)
Aestheticunabashedly Thai in a party city kind of way, and just as loud as it looks

good to know

Go here for: good food and a good time, lunch or dinner, preferably with at least a couple other people so you can order a bunch of things to share

Order this: am khao tod (crispy rice salad), world famous fried chicken sandwich, pastrami pad kee mao (yes they use Langer’s)

Amount of time to spend: give yourself at least an hour to properly dine and digest and decide whether you want more

When to come: try to come for lunch to avoid a wait, or make a reservation for dinner, it tends to get crowded quickly, especially on the weekends


  • WeHo: unpleasant at best, circle around to try your luck but you might as well just valet for $7.
  • Silver Lake: better during the day than at night, you can usually snag a meter on Sunset during the day, at night you might need to try the side streets and circle a bit
  • Venice: street parking usually isn’t too bad around here, plenty of residential streets with free parking.


Other things to note: 

  • They take reservations via Resy (definitely try to snag a reservation for dinner). 

Last visited: February 2020

Last updated: January 2021

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