a minimalist local coffee shop and roaster

Andante is the classic tale of a neighborhood coffee shop that has slowly but surely grown a loyal community consumer base as it opens up in different parts of town. What started as a corner coffee shop on Beverly (prime real estate right opposite Erewhon, though they pre-dated Erewhon) now has well-trafficked outposts in Echo Park (yes, nestled among many other coffee shops on Sunset) and DTLA as well.

Andante is like many other third wave coffee shops in town. Solid selection of espresso based drinks. High quality roasts. A decent selection of pastries to accompany. But the vibe is, comparatively, understated (ahem, Alfred, Verve, Intelligentsia looking at you). It feels a little more mellow, a little more casual and inviting. The cafes aren’t big, but they lend themselves to a working session, you can comfortably settle in for an afternoon. It’s certainly well-loved local business, but even with a lot of people trickling in and out, it never feels claustrophobic. Maybe it’s the white walls and high ceilings. Or maybe they have just somehow managed to crack the code on how to be LA cool without being scene-y. Let’s keep it this way.

the details

Address Beverly Grove: 7623 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles Echo Park: 2201 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles DTLA: 816 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles
Instagram @andantecoffeeroasters
Hours 7am – 8pm every day, COVID Hours: 8am – 2pm every day
Price $$ – your standard third wave coffee shop prices
Aesthetic minimalist, black and white and natural tones

good to know

Go here for: your daily coffee needs, a cafe work session

Order this: your favorite espresso drink (they do great lattes), cold brew

Amount of time to spend: great for take out, great for stay-the-whole-day

When to come: weekdays and afternoons tend to be more mellow, it’s generally busier in the morning with takeaway


  • Beverly Grove: your best bet is one of the residential streets, but it can be hard to find and will probably be tight (aka not recommended for big cars)
  • Echo Park: it’s usually not too hard to find a spot on Mohawk St., or on the other side of Sunset.
  • DTLA: not a super busy part of downtown but nevertheless parking can be a hit or miss when it comes to meters, best for a short stop


Other things to note: 

  • They also sell juices from Little West and have pastries (though those often sell out in the morning).
  • They have free wifi, and the Beverly and Echo Park locations have enough tables and seats for it to be a solid working cafe.

Last visited: January 2021

Last updated: February 2021

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