coffee for sasquatch

your local sasquatch filling a melrose coffee shop void

Coffee for Sasquatch has an irrefutably memorable name, and a very cute space to match. As for the location? Well that sets it apart. The most general term you could get away with would be “Melrose” but it’s not really on the part of Melrose one typically thinks of (the WeHo part or even the Fairfax part). And it’s off La Brea but also not in the part of La Brea one typically thinks of. Not quite north enough to be Hollywood, not quite east enough to be Hancock Park. But that’s kind of the value prop.

Coffee for Sasquatch was a welcome addition to the neighborhood when it popped up in 2017, a cool kid cafe in an otherwise lacking few blocks. The cafe itself hits all the right notes. Custom tarrazzo benches. Green accents. A highly instagrammable sasquatch on the wall. Cute enough design to attract people to go out of their way to stop by, with everything you can ask for in a neighborhood cafe. They have all the coffee and tea basics and more, every alternate milk you could possibly need, ample seating and free wifi for working.

the details

Address7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
Hoursweekdays 7am – 4pm, weekends 8am – 5pm
Price$$ – you know the third wave deal
Aestheticorganically minimalist with some quirky personality (after all, their mascot is a sasquatch, and the owner has a background in fashion)

good to know

Go here for: a midday coffee break, some solo work time, or a casual coffee catch up

Order this: any classic espresso drink, or try one of their seasonal specialties

Amount of time to spend: 10 minutes for a pick up, a couple hours for a hang

When to come: truly an anytime is a good time kind of spot, but if you’re looking to work for a while, weekdays are probably best

Parking: can be a hit or miss, meter turnarounds are pretty fast, otherwise your best bet is circling around the residential street. If you’re just picking up, you can likely snag a spot on Sycamore.

Other things to note: 

  • They serve Ritual and Sey Coffee. Alternative milk options: oat, soy, almond, coconut, macadamia.
  • They have free wifi and outlets, making it a great place to work.

Last visited: June 2019

Last updated: April 2021

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