milk jar cookies

cookies and milk, a classic pair

Milk Jar Cookies is the kind of place that reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen, or what you’d imagine an All American Grandma’s kitchen would look like and smell like and taste like. Comfort comes in pastels and butter and sugar. The kinds of signs and home decor you’d find in the aisles of Home Goods, or in the part of Gen-Z Tiktok where they green screen and make fun of their mom’s kitchen. But here it works. You wouldn’t want it any other way with this bake shop specializing in cookies and selling milk by the jar.

Milk Jar is kind of the antithesis of LA stereotypes, but perhaps thats why they’ve built out a cult following. Their cookies take a classic form, thick, chewy, sweet. The flavors range from classics (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin) to creative (banana split, mint chocolate). Perfect to be paired with ice cream, milk, coffee or tea, depending on how childish you feel. Great for gifting by the box (they’re an office hit) or as a midday pick me up if you ever find yourself stuck in Mid-Wilshire wondering why this neighborhood exists.

the details

Address5466 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
Hours11am – 4pm everyday 
Price$$ – cookies are $3.50 each
Aestheticgrandma, but like, in a good way

good to know

Go here for: cookies for yourself, cookies for all

Order this: white chocolate raspberry cookie, birthday cookie, english toffee cookie

Amount of time to spend: you’ll be in and out in 10 min (unless they’re out of something and you have to wait for a new batch to come out)

When to come: any time, but probably better to order ahead for a fast pick up

Parking: isn’t great, but you can probably find something on Cochran or Dunsmuir close enough to pop in for a quick stop by.

Other things to note: 

  • They have a few gluten free cookie options.
  • They do custom cookie cakes that truly just scream early 2000s but in a heartfelt way.

Last visited: March 2019

Last updated: April 2021

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