gelato by any other shape would taste as sweet

There are a lot of food places that are made to attract social media loving clientele, crafting photogenic presentation that makes for a great picture. Amorino pre-dates the age of Yelp reviewers and Instagrammers though. The French gelato shop was first opened by two Italian friends back in 2002 in Orly, and has since grown to be a global franchise with locations across four continents. The rose-shaped gelato cones might feel like a gimmick, but there’s substance in every sweet cold petal.

All of their gelatos and sorbets are made with organic ingredients, with gluten free and vegan friendly options. Flavors span the classics (stracciatella, hazelnut) as well as seasonal flavors (pineapple yuzu, spritz), and the best part is that after you sample the full spread, you can basically choose as many flavors as you want for the “gelato artist” (actual job title) to layer on one petal at a time. In the colder seasons, indulge in a hot drink and a waffle or one of their many macaron flavors.

the details

Address they have dozens of locations all around the world – all locations can be found here
Website https://www.amorino.com/en-us
Instagram @amorinousa
Hours varies by location but most open around 11 and close around 11
Price $$ – $$$, gelato roses start at ~$5-6
Aesthetic polished, elegant in a franchised way (not dissimilar to the vibes of a Vegas hotel)

good to know

Go here for: really good gelato, and for photogenic gelato, but mostly because it is actually tasty

Order this: a rose with all your favorite flavors (the dark chocolate is a must and pairs beautifully with a fruity sorbet)

Amount of time to spend: 10-15 minutes to grab and go, but most locations have some seating too

When to come: any time, all the time

Other things to note: 

  • All of their sorbets and cones are vegan, and the gelatos are gluten free. 
  • They allow sampling and you can add as many flavors as you want (or at least until you run out of petals depending on the size you order).

Last visited: July 2019

Last updated: June 2021

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