Lu Sang

tried and true yilan food in the heart of taipei

Even in a city with a food scene that changes with the seasons, there are restaurants that have withstood the test of time, holding strong with local flavors and traditional dishes even in the most competitive neighborhoods. Lu Sang is one of these coveted restaurants. Located right in the heart of Yong Kang Street, this family-run business has been serving the neighborhood for decades and still fills up easily on a weekend evening.

The popularity is easy to understand. Their menu features Taiwanese traditional dishes and Yilan specialty foods that let local ingredients shine. Their prices are fair, and quality consistent, reputable enough to ensure a pleasant and casual dining experience, making it an ideal spot for treating a multigenerational table without breaking the bank.

Their menu is advertised on the storefront on traditional wood blocks, with a picture menu on the wall, and daily specials scribbled on a board out front. A small kitchen and service area is right at the entrance, giving you a sneak peak of what ingredients are available today on your way in. Seating is ample (they have additional seating upstairs) while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. As for food, in addition to traditional dishes be sure to get some Yilan specialties like gao za (deep fried soup, essentially) and bu rou (batter fried pork).

the details

Address No. 12-5, Yongkang St, Da’an District, Taipei City
Hours 11:30 – 14, 17-21:00 every day
Price $$ – dishes are generally between 100-300NT (~$4-6), so you can expect to spend ~300-500NT (~$10-17) per person
Aesthetic clean but unfussy in a homey traditional way

good to know

Go here for: a sit-down Taiwanese meal, great for family-style food suitable for small and large families

Order this: oil chicken (you ji 油雞), gao za (糕渣), stewed bamboo (朴菜桂筍), pork and seafood stew (西滷肉)

Amount of time to spend: about an hour or so, there may be a wait on the weekends

When to come: lunch to avoid a wait, or weeknight dinners are more quiet; otherwise reservations are recommended

Getting here: take the red or orange line to Dongmen station, use exit 5 and walk down Yong Kang Street for a few minutes. The restaurant faces the southern end of the park.

Other things to note: 

  • They take reservations by phone only.
  • Menus are pretty much Chinese only, but they have pictures at the front too.
  • If you’re coming with a larger group, they have table set meals at 4000NT.

Last visited: July 2021

Last updated: July 2021

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