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paper and tea 柏林茶館

a german tea shop right at home among all the cafes of zhongshan

Hidden away in the cafe-laden alleyways of Zhongshan is an all black standalone lodge that houses, rather unexpectedly, a casual contemporary tea room and shop. “You drink coffee, I drink tea my dear,” the entrance proclaims loudly, echoed on the branding throughout the shop. And perhaps even stranger, the shop, which comes off as a decidedly Taiwanese gaze on European aesthetics, seems to have roots in Germany.

Admittedly, the space is set up a bit confusingly for a first time visitor. Upon entering the space, you’re in a curated retail shop, filled with candles and kitchenware and lifestyle accessories. The checkout counter also functions as the counter for the tea house where you can grab cold brewed teas and cakes from the pastry case to go. On the other side of the sheer curtains behind the wall of retail shelves is a seating area for the dine in service. Here, along the soft light of the wall of windows, is where you can sit down and order a pot of tea from their lengthy selection of loose leaf teas (black, green, white, herbal) and food (savory and sweet). The food is vaguely western: pastas, salads, dutch baby pancakes, brunchy plates and afternoon tea sets. Nothing particularly stand out, but a reliable choice for a tea break in the neighborhood.

the details

Address No. 18, Lane 36, Section 2, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Website https://paperandtea.com.tw/
Instagram @paperandteatw
Hours 11:00-22:00 every day
Price $$ – pretty standard cafe pricing
Aesthetic vaguely european cottage core that feels not not anthropologie

good to know

Go here for: afternoon tea, or to shop for some lifestyle goods and gifts

Order this: one of their special tea blends (which also come in cold brewed options too)

Amount of time to spend: 1-2 hours

When to come: weekday afternoons are more peaceful and good for walk ins

Getting here: take the red or green line to Zhongshan station, use exit 4 or walk north in the underground mall and use exit R7 to be even closer

Other things to note: 

  • They take reservations online through your website.
  • They have a lot of set options (ie: if you order a dessert, you can take 30NT off a tea)

Last visited: August 2021

Last updated: September 2021

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