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八月堂 hazukido

move aside pain au chocolat and ham & cheese croissants

There’s a time and place for purists. Nothing hits quite like the perfectly flakey, buttery, rich, layered croissant from a Parisian boulangerie. But trust that there is room in our wide carb-loving hearts to fit the totally bastardized croissant shaped pastries that Hazukido churns out en masse every day. Nothing is sacred in Taiwanese food culture and though the French may be appalled at some of the concoctions they’ve slathered, stuffed and sprinkled atop the pastries here, it isn’t too wild of a leap within the context of Taiwan’s bakery scene. And when you see the breadth of flavors in the form of miniature croissants lined up neatly in the pastry case, replenished with fresh batches throughout the day, you can’t help but get in line.

The flavors that make regular appearances in their croissant line up track with typical flavor profiles one might find in a typical Taiwanese bakery, but also span more “westernized” flavors. On the sweet side there’s basics like praline, chocolate hazelnut, lemon and earl grey all the way to taro with pudding, matcha red bean, brown sugar warabi, and the truly unhinged durian custard. On the savory side, there’s everything from garlic to spicy mentaiko to salted egg yolk. The point is, the croissants are miniature in size, so you can (and should) get a whole bunch without feeling bad about it, and you can afford that wild card flavor (worst case you aren’t into it you can think of it as the “get one free” one). In a sea of food court chain stores and the highly competitive bakery landscape in Taiwan, Hazukido has established a niche and is a tried and true option, whether you’re looking for a little pick me up or a photogenic spread to share.

the details

Address Taipei Locations:
Datong (Q Square): No 1, B3, Chengde Rd Section 1, Datong District, Taipei
Nangang: No. 371 B1, Section 7, Zhongxiao E Rd, Nangang District, Taipei
Xinyi (Uni): No 8 B2, Zhongxiao E Rd Section 5, Xinyi District, Taipei
Xindian: No. 46-3, Minquan Rd, Xindian District, New Taipei City
Hoursvaries by location (usually tracks with the building/mall/food court hours) so generally 11ish to 22ish
Price$$ – individual croissants range from 45-60 NT a pop ($1.50-$2), and they often 
Aestheticpretty generic, clean, contemporary branding

good to know

Go here for: croissants of every flavor, great for bringing as a gift and sharing, they often have buy 5 get 1 free deals to fill a box

Order this: whatever their seasonal fruit one is (raspberry is good, and so is fuji apple), get that; also get a pudding or custard stuffed ones; for savory go for the mainstays garlic (safe choice) or mentaiko (I mean, when else can you get this?)

Amount of time to spend: 15 minutes is plenty, it’s take out only and the line moves fast

When to come: midday has the most options, later in the day they tend to stop making some flavors, but any time is a good time, the line moves fast

Getting here: most of the locations are in department stores and transportation hubs so all very accessible

Other things to note: 

  • It’s a take out counter only, be ready to transport it back home (or, many locations are adjacent to food courts so you can eat there too)
  • They often have special promotions (ie buy 3 get 3, 50 NT off etc), some of which are tied to Line.
  • Some locations have drinks too (coffee & milk teas)

Last visited: September 2021

Last updated: November 2021

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