Another beginning. With a clink of champagne glasses and bubbly too expensive for my taste, we rang in another year. I came home a little after midnight. Walking through the brisk night air, admiring the city streets, quieter than I’d expected. I took the train home. Walked up my walk up, closed the door, and didn’t venture back outside for a full week.

January is a harsh reality. Back to work, back to reality. The sun sets well before dinner time. The temperatures drop below freezing. And so, logically, I decided to remove myself from the situation. And skip town to my sunny happy haven. LA. I barely went out in the weeks spent in New York, but it was made up in the many outings in LA. I spent a lot of time at home, relishing the short hours where little patch of sun forms on my couch. Baking (half for warmth), lighting all the candles in the house, counting down the days til I could fly away.

current obsessions

winter light:

it just hits different; especially obsessed with how it lights up my little corner of perfume perfectly in the afternoon

winter ice cream:

eating ice cream in the winter, also a vibe

winter salads:

they had me at winter citrus

winter fridays:

new tradition where i treat myself to the end of a week by walking to a coffee shop instead of making coffee at home

snacks as meals:

wfh means grazing on charcuterie from lunch through dinner

culture fix

a long overdue rewatch: 

mozart in the jungle – still probably one of the most underrated / underwatched show and still so entertaining

a long overdue hype watch: 

finally got around to watching encanto and annoyed that the songs are indeed as catchy as they seemed to be

new finds

new neighborhood fave:

land to sea, an asian-owned cafe and community space featuring breads and pastries from Chinatown

spotted in noho: 

wanpo tea shop, fresh from taiwan and unexpectedly fast for an chain import

new shop in atwater: 

wine & eggs, a very cute wine shop and general store on a growing strip of cute shops and restaurants in atwater

what's cooking

spent most meals at home, but was pretty lazy when it came to cooking

first bake of the year: black sesame morning buns

when life gives you meyer lemons, make a cake

liang ban like it’s summer

hojicha white and dark chocolate chip cookies

nothing like blood oranges to make me make breakfast

lettuce wraps because i can

felt cute, made lunch on a weekend

pretending it’s summer with tomato herb flatbread

prosciutto, arugula, fettuccine & a lot of red pepper flakes

camera roll

started off my LA existence with banchan

trekked out to sgv for a lunar new year haul

s/o to philz for opening early enough to fuel my east coast work hours

first meal @ sun nong dan

ofc got obligatory boba for the ride back; also lol it’s still wushiland 

not me picnicking in LA while a winter storm hits NYC

i missed you palm trees

making the parents proud with this spread feat. red envelopes from them

had to visit my favorites, ily maru

winter “hikes” in LA hit different after winters in nyc

ok but it was pretty much all take out + packaged goods 

note to self: find persian ice cream in nyc