LA // NY

February. Here for a good time not a long time.

February this year started off in sunny LA and truly, where better to spend the dead of winter for a winter baby? She ate well. She had a birthday picnic. She visited all her favorite spots. Spent time with so many of her favorite people. She stayed well-caffeinated. It was beautiful while it lasted.

And then it was back to winter. Back to coats. Hot pot. Soup szn. More coffee. Appreciating the fleeting but beautiful winter light warming up the apartment. Relishing in the one day it actually hits 50 degrees because that basically means summer.

current/all time favorites

This month’s current obsessions are every month’s obsessions. This trip to LA was basically a grand tour of all my favorite places.

Luv2Eat: the thai food i miss most, to fulfill the birthday tradition of eating thai food on my birthday

Bottega Louie: an oldie & a goodie, and even better when you don’t have to worry about parking 

Salt & Straw: why don’t u exist in NYC yet tho

Maru: the most obligatory stop at my most favorite coffee shop

Honey Hi: perhaps the most LA meal to be eaten outside on a sunny afternoon in early February because why not

Alfred: when in rome

Botanica: bc we love california produce 

Broome St General Store: great for pretending to be an east side housewife

Stories: feels like college, just like the old times

birthday carbs

yes i am that bitch that relocated herself all the way to the other side of the country just to have a birthday picnic in february. 

s/o to LA for finally delivering on 75 & sunny after many many many years of grey skies.

new finds

new coffee shop alert: stereoscope coffee in echo park. obnoxiously minimalist. design forward. impeccable vibes. stylish crowd. la coffee scene hits again.

culture fix

Ventured into Queens for some art at PS1. Went back down memory lane in the form of old playlists from college. Indie pop of the early 2010s hits different. Finally got into Wordle. Watched the newest season of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Cried when Chloe and Nathan took home gold. Also cried at the Super Bowl Halftime Show tribute to 90s hip hop and LA (also does this mean we’re officially old when we perceive the Super Bowl halftime to be culturally relevant??). 

she's bicoastal & she thirsty

good bites

over-ordered at mayura, gotta do j-gold proud

drove to the valley for mantee

fri-yay lunch in brooklyn

getting scrappy w hot pot night, nyc apartment style

the last supper (ok fine it was lunch)

winter outdoor brunch in brooklyn??

what's cooking

heavy on the comfort carbs, ample meals on the coffee table

lentil cabbage soup & rly good bread

leftovers from hot pot turned dinner

comfort soup

pear, walnuts, honey, brie, rly good bread

leftover veg turned salad-ish lunch

japanese breakfast spread

rainbow root veg, whipped ricotta, fresh flatbread

salmon, rainbow chard, green curry

wonton cravings

camera roll

winter light, inside

winter light, outside

west village, cute

book store, cute

tang yuan for LNY

deli, also cute