March was like back to school all over again. Except it was back to work. And it was March, the time of year where you’re so sick and tired of winter but you know it’s still going to be cold for another month or two at least. The time of year that really f*cks with you because it can be sunny and hopeful one day and then snowy and sad the next. March is probably the worst month. At least February is short. At least April has visible signs of spring.

This March was filled with treks to the office. Office days. Office daze. Locked away up in a glass tower, the city looking like a snow globe through the windows. This month was filled with petit joys. Skipping out on work early to stop by the bakery. Taking advantage of the best part of winter: citruses. Cooking for comfort. Friday morning cafe runs. Braving the cold in my favorite coats to wander bits of the city after a season of staying huddled indoors and close to home. Good meals were shared with good friends. Good tea was drunk. Good winter light was appreciated. Even late March snow flurries were admittedly a little wonderful, the harshness of the cold going from numbing to invigorating. Spring is near.

good bites

Hands down the best meal of the month, the year, maybe even of my time in New York (tbh, it’s all a bit of a blur and the covid coefficient really makes it hard to say). Odo feels special in the way fine dining experiences do. You are taken care of, welcomed into a cozy cavern where food comes out in perfect bites like a journey in itself. Though I’m not usually one for fine dining, I’ll admit it’s fun when food is treated as a form of art, of storytelling, treated with such care. It’s a little daunting at times, I don’t like attention when I eat. Or feeling like I’m on a schedule. Or feeling like I’m being served. Or feeling like I can’t speak freely. Basically this kind of dining will have to remain a once a year special occasion kind of thing, but it was a delicious meal.

culture fix

I mean, when the weather is shit, the TV works overtime. We tapped into lots of nostalgia this month. Rewatching the previous seasons of Marvelous Mrs Maisel before binging the latest season. Rewatching favorite parts of Formula One Drive to Survive before binging the latest but refusing to watch the final episode (we know how it ends and we don’t like it). Watching Covert Affairs as background TV — something about early 2000s formulaic crime and spy dramas that just make such excellent background TV.

And for the first time in a while, getting back into music with Angele’s new album.

current obsessions

Two new purchases that I am obsessed with.

One, finally bought the Mackage wool wrap coat I’ve been eyeing for years. Is it softer than I could have ever imagined? Yes. Is it the most expensive clothing item I own? By a long shot yes. Am I afraid to wear it anywhere in the city for fear of getting it dirty? Also yes. Is it a pretty impractical purchase all things considered? Yes. But do I have any regrets? No.

Two, I also have been eyeing the Kinto donabe for a while. I’ve been wanting a donabe and couldn’t decide whether to go for more of a traditional one or the pretty minimalist one and I gave into the aesthetics of the latter. And just in time for cozy cooking. It makes me so happy.

also, snacks

new finds

ice cream, win son makes ice cream and this black sesame raspberry one is so good even though it might be a bit early for ice cream weather

green lane coffee, cute lil coffee shop in the quiet part of greenpoint

what's cooking

heavy on the citrus

made some chocolate black sugar milk bread

marmalade cake

winter salad szn

snacky dinners only

and then made some fruit sandos with it

cardamom rose thumbprints

miscellaneous pasta szn

herby spicy beancurd salad

and some citrusy french toast too

black sesame orange tarts

lazy lunch szn

embellished takeout

millet steamed pork ribs with kabocha squash

camera roll

noods & chill plated at home

work from office incentive: japanese bakery run

chinatown street scenes

some days are warm enough for bridge walks

gorgeous pastry from la cabra

yuzu mousse treat from said japanese bakery run

when in chinatown, truedan

other days are cold as shit, such is the reality of march 

gorgeous pastry from michaeli

pov: all your friends are late for brunch

LES window shopping

solo lunch comfort food (four four south village)

rose latte for a bridge walk

work friends eataly outing, worth the trek into the city

lotsa LES shopping

productive mornings in neighborhood cafes (lions milk)