April is the month that houses that magical day when it suddenly is sunny and everything is beautiful and the scowling people of New York City smile in collective euphoria while doing the most mundane things outside. The month was simple, quotidian in the best way. Checking in on the blooms, eagerly watching the signs on spring, knowing how fleeting it’ll be til the humidity of summer sinks in. A mid month Friday that felt like summer, knowing there’s an entire season to come.

anatomy of a summer friday

A Summer Friday, mentally. Any Friday can be a Summer Friday if you set your mind to it. It was sunny. I got lunch outside (!!) with a coworker. Sipped on spritzes in the sidewalk into the afternoon. Pranced home to drop things off, not even opening back up my laptop before meeting up with friends with vague plans to hang around the neighborhood, changing it as we went, going with the flow from restaurant to brewery to dive bar, a full 12 hours spent outside. A wonderful summer friday in April. 

good bites (& sips)

Really indulged on a lotta pastries this month.

nami nori during work hours tastes better, it’s fact

meyer lemon, rose & poppy agua fresca @ atla

acre bento = best day off lunch in the neighborhood

nothing like watermelon soju on a monday @ pocha 32

shu jiao fu zhou = ideal last minute dinner option

cold pizza cocktails @ double chicken please

culture fix

like everyone else in the world, I saw everything everywhere all at once and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. 

i laughed, i cried, i closed my eyes through the scary parts, i couldn’t get over how half the movie took place in a fake dmv in simi valley and was a little sad that no one could really understand just how hilarious that is. 

april flowers

The city is in full bloom and I am that basic bitch stopping every couple blocks to take pictures of the flowering trees. Also, any excuse to walk through a park, trek out to Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. 

current obsessions

Matching sets (particularly minimal tailored ones from Cos)

Byredo perfumes (particularly flowerhead)

Minimal accessories from Cuyana

And minimal houseware from Nalata

what's cooking

heavy on the citrus

winter comfort: sesame oil chicken rice

have we transitioned to salad season? 

is it still soup season? 

or is it summer roll season?

new favorites

sey coffee (and the morning walk over)

cure thrift shop (added to the regular stops on the way back up to the L)

homecoming (for flowers and for coffee and for hanging in the patio)


camera roll

walking over to prospect for a picnic

spontaneous gallery hopping around chelsea

spring sun 🙂

moment of appreciation for the architecture uptown

this sound installation was a vibe

street blooms

ok ok, brooklyn has cute architecture too

obsessed w the jewel marmalade layered on mascarpone

more street blooms

note to self: don’t ever take a car to work again

finally iced coffee season!! not that it even isn’t

test kitchen