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Honey Hi is the kind of place that is soooooo LA (she says with an exaggerated SoCal accent). It’s almost obnoxiously LA but you can’t be mad because it does it so well and, true to its Echo Park context, so nonchalantly and casually. Honey Hi could easily be one of those trendy spots that comes and goes, that touts sustainability and community as buzzwords packaged with cute branding, but it actually has the substance to withstand the test of time on a highly competitive strip of Sunset Blvd.

Honey Hi is like the platonic ideal of a Californian all day cafe. The menu is constantly changing seasonally, but follows easy formats (bowls, salads, sandwiches etc) and features the best of local produce. There are plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options, they use raw vs refined ingredients, work closely with farmers and producers with sustainable practices, etc. The result is something that might look like your typical bright and pretty cafe but actually holds up to its rather lofty sounding goal of promoting “personal, public and planetary well-being.” Before you roll your eyes, just go, get a bowl of nourishing greens and grains, a fun smoothie, something sweet. Sit down. Soak up some of that LA sunshine. And think about how good life could be if this could be an everyday routine.

the details

Address1620 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
Hours9am – 4pm everyday
Price$$ – most things are between $10-20, pretty standard trendy cafe prices
Aestheticminimalist in an artsy hipster east side kind of way, but also bright and cute in an LA cafe kind of way

good to know

Go here for: a cutie breakfast or lunch

Order this: breakfast bowl and community bowl are classic choices, also they have a colorful selection of smoothies for hot days, bone broth for cold days

Amount of time to spend: it’s counter-serve so great for takeaway, but they have some tables so also nice for a short meal maybe like 30 min

When to come: whenever, but preferably on a moderate temperature day so you can sit outside

Getting here: there’s a metered lot in the back, you’re welcome

Other things to note: 

  • If you’re picking up (or ordering delivery) you can place orders online. Otherwise it is counter serve at the cafe.
  • There’s no bathrooms, so come prepared (or go to Lassens across the street, or walk over to Stories (maybe pick up a book and some coffee while you’re there).

Last visited: February 2022

Last updated: April 2022

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