caffe luxxe

the go-to coffee shop on the west side

LA has a lot of coffee shops. Some as famous and clout-signaling as celebrities. Others more like neighborhood gems worked into a local routine. Many come and go over the years. A lot of the coolest, most popular coffee shops are more concentrated on the east side. Caffe Luxxe is not one of those. Caffe Luxxe is decidedly a westside coffee shop. And an upscale west side one at that, with footprints in the bougiest parts of the neighborhoods. Montana in Santa Monica. Brentwood Country Mart. Dotting the coast along PCH. While east side cafes battle it out along Sunset in Silver Lake and Echo Park, Caffe Luxxe’s Sunset Blvd address is on the other end of the street in the Palisades.

It’s more spread out on the west side, but that doesn’t mean Caffe Luxxe wouldn’t hold up to our east side favorites. The brainchild of two friends who quit their corporate jobs in 2006 with the intent of creating a European cafe experience in LA, Caffe Luxxe has withstood the test of time a reliable presence on the west side for good coffee and pastries. They personally source coffee from farmers around the world and pride themselves in culinary dedication to crafting espresso drinks (and to their credit, a while before it was mainstream to care so much). Plus they have a fluffy samoyed as their mascot so immediate green flag.

the details

Addressall locations are listed on their site here
Hoursdepends on the location but they all open early in the morning (6:30 or 7am) and close early evening (5 or 6pm)
Price$$ – typical third wave coffee shop prices
Aestheticclassic, clean, modern, not overly branded

good to know

Go here for: your regular coffee run but feeling a bit more luxurious

Order this: any of their espresso based drinks are great, and pastries too

Amount of time to spend: great for a quick takeaway option and for some sit down coffee for a while longer

When to come: whenever!

Parking: really varies from location to location, from a limited lot at the Brentwood Country Mart to the metered and street parking on Montana to the chaotic parking structure of Palisades Village, so worth doing some research but most of them actually aren’t too bad

Other things to note: 

  • They also have locations in Long Beach and Santa Barbara, and sell coffee beans online.
  • Not suitable for working, more of a coffee and chat kinda place.

Last visited: March 2019

Last updated: May 2022

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