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LA loves its donut shops: the ones that have been around for generations Cambodian owned, enthusiastically decorated donuts hidden in plain pink boxes, as much as the trendy new imports from other cool cities with fun names and daring flavors, as much as the homegrown ones that fit all the various dietary restrictions Angelenos might have. Donut Friend is a local favorite that has been around long enough to have a bit of a cult following, but not long enough to be a nostalgic choice. It is LA-cute, with Highland Park cool. The flavors are creative, as are the names. The creations look as good as they taste, oh and it’s all vegan.

Donut Friend is for donuts that are a treat any time of the day. It feels like a neighborhood shop, but it also feels like an occasion. Seeing the colorful donuts line the case with names like Compassion Fruit and Jimmy Eat Swirl and Yo La Mango, flavors inspired by seasons, trends, local favorites, ranging from somewhat traditional to not traditional at all. The ice cream comes in every color of the rainbow and also ranges from somewhat traditional (oreo ice cream but it’s blue) to not all that traditional (thai tea but it’s grey). The killer donut line up is a great start to any day and (perhaps later in the day, on a warm day) a donut ice cream sandwich makes for an extra sweet treat. Point is, Donut Friend is a cult classic in these parts and you’ll be loved if you show up with a box to the office.

the details


Highland Park: 5107 York Blvd, Los Angeles
DTLA: 543 S Broadway, Los Angeles
Silver Lake CREAMO: 3534 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

HoursHighland Park and Silver Lake are open 9am – 9pm weekdays and 10pm weekends, DTLA location is open 7am to 9pm on weekdays and 10pm weekends
Price$$ – $3-5 for the signature donuts, $9 for ice cream sandwich, $12 shakes
Aestheticartisanal creative cute neighborhood donut shop vibes

good to know

Go here for: donuts for impressing people, vegan ice cream and shakes

Order this: the husker blu if you like blueberry donuts, the angry samoa for girl scout cookie lovers, green teagan and sara for matcha and sesame lovers, polar berry club for something fruity, caramel on parade for something decadent; or if you’re feeling REALLY decadent, go ahead and make an ice cream sandwich

Amount of time to spend: 10-15 minutes for a quick pick up

When to come: mornings or early afternoon, by late afternoon the inventory dwindles, especially on weekends


  • Highland Park: if there are no meters available on York, try Ave 51 or Meridian St, usually not too difficult to find street parking
  • DTLA: never fun to find parking in DTLA. If it’s early in the morning or later in the evening you can probably find a meter within a block or two without much difficulty, otherwise (especially if you are spending a few hours in the neighborhood) try a public lot
  • Silver Lake: you know it won’t be cute with a Sunset Blvd address – best bet is to practice your parallel parking on a hill skills on Maltman or Edgecliff

Other things to note: 

  • They also do special orders and custom donuts. And they have a special seasonal menu too.
  • The Silver Lake location is ice cream forward, with an impressive line up of plant based ice creams and shakes.

Last visited: October 2021

Last updated: October 2022

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