cherry blossoms appreciation post

I’ve always been more of an autumn kind of person. Spring tends to promise more than it delivers. A lot more showers than I care for, not enough flowers until we sink closer to summer. Spring in California is just a formality. But spring in a place that actually has seasons is a tease. Signs of life. Cautious return to the outside world. Never quite sure if it’s time yet to put away those winter coats. Spring is often a disappointment. You barely have a transition from the cold wet winter before you’re suddenly hit with the uncomfortably warm humidity of summer.

But spring on a sunny day is euphoric. I’ve never been one to chase blossoms. Maybe it’s the pandemic. Maybe it’s age. Maybe it is living through seasons. Maybe it’s living in this concrete jungle. But with each visible sign of time passing by I find myself seeking out the ephemeral signs of each season the the trees, with almost desperate fervor.

Most days in spring I am left wanting. But some days the sun peeks through the clouds, the trees bloom, and I feel as one does, compelled to go outside, frolicking through any green pace to be found, stopping to smell snap photos of the fleeting florals gracing the city with their presence. Preserving these signs in my camera roll like proof that it happened. That there was, briefly, a few days of blissful blossoms and comfortable temperatures as the days became longer before we became sweaty and grumpy.

first round, following the crowds to the brooklyn botanical gardens, a brief moment of sun before the clouds settled in and we remembered it was cold again 

for a moment when the sun peeked through the clouds and light danced on the water of the japanese garden farm, everything was perfect

and then a foray into the city for central park blooms. and central park delivered.

early in the morning, it’s still pretty quiet up by the 80s and 90s. the one off trees bright pops of color against the dewy green landscape, bits of the city peeking between the branches everywhere you look 

Around the reservoir, more joggers and walkers. And then along the bridle path, with the clusters of cherry blossoms so filled with branches that they kiss the ground, hoards of people: tourists, families, photoshoots happening, picnics, general sping joy.

bonus walk through shakespeare garden with all the tulips:) 

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