no cuisine is sacred but we worship it all 

Hanchic emblematizes the new generation of LA’s K-town. One that is proud and true to its heritage but creative and experimental in identity. One that caters to the Asian American community with growing influence rather than succumbing to mainstream “New American” tendencies. One that is neither Korean nor American, but inherently Korean American, playing with form and flavor in ways that work unexpectedly well though they feel sacrilegious printed on the menu.

Located so far east it’s basically MacArthur Park, hanchic may be on the outskirts but still maintains your typical Koreatown strip mall situation. Pull up into a nondescript bi-level shopping plaza with bilingual signs, the restaurant shares the valet lot with mixed company from a dentistry to a karaoke bar to a massage parlor. It has all the attributes of a great Koreatown dining experience. The restaurant itself is pretty small, but spills out into the plaza with outdoor tables. It feels like a casual neighborhood restaurant, but serves up a menu that infuses Korean flavors with playful twists that make it worthy of being a destination in itself. Like comfort food made by a chef-y friend. IYKYK, and now you do.

the details

Address2500 W 8th St #103, Los Angeles
Hours5-11pm every day
Price$$ – most things are <$25, everything is meant to be shared
Aestheticcolorful and contemporary in like a street ikea kinda way 

good to know

Go here for: a casual but memorable meal, and to be surrounded by food people (no but srsly I saw Roy Choi there)

Order this: the ragu tteokbokki or bolognese mandu, a noodle dish, and if you’re feeling decadent, the galbi jjim

Amount of time to spend: an hour or two, you’ll need the time to digest

When to come: great for a weeknight dinner on a warm evening, but honestly any night works

Getting here: they have a small lot with valet. You might also get lucky and find a meter nearby.

Other things to note: they take reservations via Resy, and have takeout too.

Last visited: October 2021

Last updated: July 2022

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