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Wanderlogue is a curation of places and spaces with a philosophy of thoughtful consumption and conscious [re]visiting to cultivate familiarity in the foreign, here and everywhere. 


Humans have a complex relationship with the world around us. We assign meaning to places, the physical spaces that construct our emotions, our experiences, as we move through them.

Traveling is a powerful tool for understanding the world and understanding self. For putting things into context. A chance to experience different ideas, celebrate tradition, and discover how cultures are evolving and responding to each other. We live in a world that gives room for communities that transcend borders.

Wanderlogue is a curation of places and spaces. Each one with a story, each one catalogued with moments of inspiration, when one experience intersects with another.

Wanderlogue seeks to see the art in the everyday as we interact with spaces and places. The way the shadows interact with the buildings. The way the objects form shapes within a space. The composition, the crop, the colors.

Wanderlogue is for a global community of conscious creators who believe the future is local, seek inspiration in the diverse world around us, and are invested in designing spaces, objects and experiences that cultivate cultural connections. 

Wanderlogue is a travel & lifestyle blog born and bred in sunny California, but inspired by the world. Wanderlogue is run by Leslie, a first-generation Taiwanese American who now spends most of her time in NYC, at her day job in media, but still thinks of LA and Taipei as home. This blog is also supposed to help her practice Chinese, which she’s not very good at, and very self-conscious about 😅.

Leslie created this website and Instagram account not as a side hustle, but really, just for herself to keep track of her favorite places at home in LA and around the world (and to make use of that $$$ camera she splurged on). She has a tendency to run away, if escaping to aimlessly wander the foreign streets of a different city counts as a hobby. A lover of coffee and tea and the beautiful spaces they inspire, her happy place is anywhere with a quality cup of caffeine, well-designed interiors, oh and a good pastry doesn’t hurt either. 

Want to share your favorite coffee shop? Want to collaborate? Looking for recs? Slip into my DMs. 

@wanderlogueco | wanderlogueco [at] gmail [dot] com