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los feliz

If you want to spark a lively debate with an Angeleno, ask them how to pronounce Los Feliz. But whether they pronounce it los fee-lus or los fuh-leez, they probably won’t argue with the charm of this neighborhood tucked in at the foot of Griffith Park. Maybe it’s the tree-lined streets that feel a bit too small town to be in the middle of LA. Maybe it’s the houses that look a little too perfect to be real. 
East LA is a strange place. Full of hipsters and studio employees who don’t want to live in the Valley. But if the role of Silver Lake and Echo Park are to house and caffeinated the city’s hipsters, Los Feliz plays a different part. It’s a little more grown up, a little more local. Many of the establishments that define the neighborhood have been around for a while, feeling much less ephemeral than the come-and-go in other parts of town. It’s the kind of neighborhood where people can actually be regulars at neighborhood spots. Where people actually live permanently, and where most tourists don’t bother venture (beyond Griffith, at least). 
Los Feliz is nice. It’s remarkably residential, save for two main streets: Vermont and Hillhurst. Some of my favorite places in Los Angeles are tucked away on these streets. A perfect neighborhood theater. A gem of a  bookstore. Two of my favorite cafes. Don’t ever change, Los Feliz. We love you just the way you are. 
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