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They say that Venice is like the “hipster” part of west LA but, let’s be real, it’s too damn mainstream for hipsters these days. So I’m going to recategorize it as the influencer capital of west LA. Go to Abbot Kinney on any Friday afternoon and tell me I’m wrong.

Venice is tolerable if you do it right though:

  • Boardwalk: No, unless you have tourists in tow, I guess.
  • Canals: Yes! But don’t be obnoxious ok, people actually live here.
  • Abbot Kinney: I mean, definitely yes, but beware. Come in the morning or on a weekday for your own sake.
  • Gjusta: Always. But brace yourself.
  • Venice Sign: Do what you need to do (but if you want that clear shot, go on a weekday morning when it’s just you and the lifelong surfer dudes)
  • Muscle Beach: Why? Well ok fine if you’re visiting, why not?
  • The Rose: Not unless you’re here for some west side work happy hour.
  • Rose Avenue: Absolutely. Pretty much only locals down this way.
  • Lincoln Blvd: Literally the only part of Venice I willingly frequent.


Point is, there’s no place like Venice. It’s weird in all the best ways. It’s intolerable. Its residents live up to the ridiculous stereotypes. It’s LA. Our Venice is nothing compared to the Italian one, but we’ve branded it to be the anti-Venice we can love nonetheless. Save for our version of canals and maybe the actual ocean itself, it ain’t pretty. But it’s ours.

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