long sian ju

soup for the night owl soul

With 22 locations across Taiwan, Long Sian Ju is a ubiquitous experience at the end of a night market trip. The franchise has its roots in night markets and over the years strategically opened brick and mortars by night markets, making the perfect haven to duck in and sit down for a warm bowl of nourishing soup away from the chaos just outside. Long Sian Ju specializes in traditional chicken soups, including the popular winter dish, sesame oil chicken (chicken cooked with ginger, sesame oil, rice wine and goji berries) that warms you from within.

This is Taiwanese fast casual “health food” dining at its best. A steaming bowl of soup with the depths and medicinal benefits of Chinese herbs, a simple rice or noodle, varied sides to complement. Wholesome, simple ingredients crafted in the tradition of home cooking. Healthy enough to make up for whatever you were eating at the night market. Nutritious enough to make for a hearty lunch when you’re feeling under the weather. Delicious enough to crave on any given day, even in the dead of summer. And reliable and fast enough to be a go-to spot for any chicken soup needs.

the details

Addressall locations are listed here (with links out to Google Maps)
Socialhttps://www.facebook.com/longsiangu https://www.instagram.com/longsianjugoodsoup/?hl=zh-tw
Hoursvaries by location but most open around 11am, locations by night markets close later (close to midnight) while others close at 8 or 9pm
Price$$ – a little pricier than a hole in wall shop but a little cheaper than a sit down restaurant, you can get a full meal for <$10
Aestheticwarm, homey, earthy 

good to know

Go here for: a late night meal, or any meal on a cold day

Order this: sesame oil chicken soup 麻油雞湯 180NT ($6), sesame oil thin noodles 麻油麵線45NT ($1.50)

Amount of time to spend: perfect for a casual meal ~30 min 

When to come: when you need a break from the night market

Getting here: the ones in Taipei are all generally in locations pretty accessible via MRT

Other things to note: 

  • For a meal, they have soup sets, which include a soup of choice, a “staple food” aka rice or noodles, and side(s), ranging from 220NT (~$7) to 360 (~$12).
  • They also have menus in English, Japanese and Korean.

Last visited: July 2016

Last updated: March 2018

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