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because sometimes you need your coffee to be fashion too

There are some places that were just made for Instagram. And no, I’m not talking about poorly executed pop up museums. I’m talking about cafés and restaurants born of fashion brands. I’m talking about Café Kitsuné. We (the collective, Los Angeles + periphery “we”) all know that you’re only as good as where you get your coffee from (cup envy is real, see: Alfred), but I think the global Instagramming public can agree that a snap of a Café Kitsuné cup can boost your clout whether you’re in Paris or Tokyo. And let me tell you, these cafés bring out the best in both.

Given the brand, they obviously scope out locations to ensure a trendy crowd, but nothing quite beats Paris, which has its cafés situated in the heart of the city, the 1er arrondissement, including one inside Palais-Royale, with outdoor seating in the garden. Nothing screams new money like waltzing over from Place Vendôme, sitting down for une petite pause with your cappuccino and financier. But really, you don’t need the bags from Vendôme to feel rich sitting in a palace.

No matter which location you go to, no matter which city, there will inevitably be at least a dozen influencers getting their #ootds, so consider yourself warned. (but also yay you won’t feel out of place doing the same lmao).

the details



Tokyo: 3 Chome-15-9 Minamiaoyama, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0062
Seoul: 23 Dosan-daero 13-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
NYC: 550 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014



  • Palais Royale: 9:30a – 7pm every day
  • Louvre: 8:30a – 12a every day
  • Tuileries: 8:30a – 7:30pm every day

Tokyo: 9am to 8pm every day
Seoul: 11am to 8pm every day
New York: they open at 7am on weekdays, 8am on weekends, and close at 11pm on school nights, 1am on Friday and Saturday

Price$$-$$$, pretty comes at a pretty penny, but in the context of the cities the cafes thrive in, it’s definitely not an exorbitant splurge
AestheticParisian pretty plus a little Japanese cute, aka basically the coffee manifestation of the brand

good to know

Go here for: an aesthetic coffee break and low hanging fruit social media content

Order this: a cute ass coffee and maybe an even cuter kitsune sablé?

Amount of time to spend: a typical coffee break, maybe 30 min to an hour; or just enough time to grab something to go (just… don’t grab it to go in Paris)

When to come: mornings/on the early side if you want to avoid the bustle

Getting here: 

  • Paris: all the locations are in the 1er, a short walk from metro stations Palais Royale Musée du Louvre (1, 7), Pyramides (7, 14) and Bourse (3). Tuileries location is right by the Tuileries station (1).
  • Tokyo: it’s a short walk from Omotesando station (C, G, Z)
  • Seoul: it’s about the same distance between Sinsa (337) and Apgujeong (336) stations (line 3)
  • NYC: it’s about a 5 min walk from Christopher St Station (1)

Other things to note: 

  • Maison Kitsune Louvre does brunch on the weekends, which have set menus and a la carte, and they take reservations.
  • They also recently opened a location in Shanghai.

Last visited: March 2020

Last updated: March 2020

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