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cha for tea 喫茶趣

traditional teas and traditional tea cuisine

A part of the Ten Ren tea empire, Cha for Tea is a chain teahouse that can be found all over Taiwan, with to-go outposts and sit down dining experiences in many of the locations. Decades old, the tea brand has an established presence among locals across generations. It’s like a full service tea house.

The take out tea bar has endured despite the fierce competition of trendy boba tea bars in Taiwan, a trusted stop for anyone looking for a sweet drink on a hot day. It is a stark contrast from the heavily branded, trend-seeking tea brands, with cups that exude the unremarkable branding of the early 2000s, and a menu that includes all the classics. A solid middle ground choice in terms of price, a bit more premium than the standard chains but with the insurance of quality teas to maintain their reputation.

Then, there is the restaurant experience. A traditional Taiwanese tea house that is a favorite among older generations and families, looking for a comfortable untimed eating experience, a stark contrast from the rule-ridden “afternoon tea” cafés that are always chaotically crowded. Cha for Tea is a solid choice for a full meal or an in between meal. Their lunch and dinner sets come with multiple courses, each a small single serving dish, like a Taiwanese dim sum. And all of the food from appetizers to dessert are infused with tea in some form, from tea oil silken tofu to pu-er braised beef to tea jelly.

And finally there’s the retail portion. There are countless places to purchase tea, but this is a solid place to start for Chinese teas. They carry a wide range from fairly cheap to very premium.

the details

Address all locations are listed on their website here
Website https://www.chafortea.com.tw/
Hours varies by location but generally open at 11a or 12p and close at 9 or 10p
Price $$, expect to spend 300-500NT per person for set meals and drinks
Aesthetic a little dated, old school Taiwanese tea house, aunty vibes

good to know

Go here for: a tea-forward meal, or to quench thirst an iced tea drink

Order this: tea oil silken tofu, king’s tea braised pork ribs, oriental beauty xiaolongbao

Amount of time to spend: an hour or so for a sit down meal, or just a few minutes for takeout

When to come: weekdays are great for walk ins, and though they are open into the evening, it feels like more of a lunchy place

Getting here: most are in popular pedestrian and shopping locations, easily accessibly by MRT

Other things to note: 

  • Most of the brick and mortar standalone shops have the take out bar at the front, retail on the first level, and then dining room upstairs.
  • Some take reservations by phone. Generally not needed except for on weekends.
  • They also have a membership program for frequent patrons.

Last visited: August 2021

Last updated: January 2022

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