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cheevit cheeva

the taipei outpost of a korean inspired thai ice shop

With more and more travel within Asia, a new generation of cool cosmopolitan Asian culture has emerged, blurring the lines between distinct culinary traditions in the form of a contemporary interpretation of mashed up Asian flavors and foods. And for the most part, the results are commercial successes primed for a hungry consumer base always in search of the latest trends. Cheevit Cheeva comes to Taipei by way of Chiang Mai and has a menu filled with Korean-style shaved ice with flavors that range from Japanese-ish to solidly Taiwanese-inspired, alongside rather random Thai dishes repackaged into cute lunch sets.

Since opening in 2015, they’ve taken Thailand by storm with several locations across the country, and Taipei being the first overseas flagship store. Of course, the formula for success in Thailand translates pretty easily to Taiwan. Shaved ice in any form is always popular in Taiwan. Photogenic drinks attract Instagram bloggers. And savory dishes tend to be a hit with Instagram husbands (actually let’s be real, as much as Taiwanese people love a pretty dessert, the Taiwanese palette is solidly more savory than sweet). Throw in different combinations for “afternoon tea” or “lunch” or “dessert” sets, add a cute logo and you have yourself an attractive dessert shop in a city full of them. But this might be the only place in town where you can get gra pow dumplings and Thai tea bingsu in one sitting.

the details

Address No. 23, Lane 240, Guangfu S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City
Website https://cheevitcheevacafe.com/
Instagram @cheevitcheeva_taipei
Hours 11:00-20:00 every day
Price $$ – sets range from 200-600NT, bingsu ranges from 200-300NT
Aesthetic minimalist cute, in a very modern Asian way, bonus points for the indoor outdoor space

good to know

Go here for: a photogenic snack

Order this: whatever bingsu is calling your name, they have a bunch of different flavors and set options, the thai tea one is a popular more decadent choice while the pomelo bingsu is more refreshing

Amount of time to spend: about an hour or so, the space doesn’t really lend itself to lingering

When to come: on a hot day, earlier in the day is less busy

Getting here: take the blue line to SYS Memorial Hall Station, use exit 3

Other things to note:

  • There is a minimum order of one drink. They have a lot of different sets for sweet or savory dishes and drinks.
  • They are cash only.

Last visited: August 2021

Last updated: September 2021

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