jin fa jia 進發家

boba shop but make it artisanal 

Jin Fa Jia is, you guessed it, a tea beverage chain that has been around for quite some time now but has picked up storm in the past few years. The tea shop hails from central Taiwan and prides itself in maintaining old school Taiwanese tea tradition in every shaken drink. With the tea drinking consumer base developing higher standards for tea quality even in sweet and iced form, shops that excel in this area are on the up and up.

Like most other drink chains, Jin Fa Jia has a menu that spans all the greatest hits while also featuring one of a kind mixes to stand out in the crowded landscape. Their signature drinks feature carefully curated Taiwanese products that evoke nostalgia in craft while being modern in presentation. There’s mung bean smoothies with oatmilk (Oatly no less) and honey boba, fruit tea with fruit that has been bruleed for some extra depth, green tea with sugarcane from Puli, charcoal-roasted oolong tea with fresh peaches and osmanthus jelly. In such a crowded drinks landscape, sometimes you just need to satisfy a specific craving, but other times you crave something fresh and different. Jin Fa Jia delivers both.

the details

Address all locations listed here
Website https://8teahouse.com/
Instagram @jinfajia_2018
Hours varies by location but generally 11:00-21:00
Price $-$$, a mid tier tea shop with most drinks in the 25-60NT range ($1-2)
Aesthetic nostalgic chic, deliberately artisanal

good to know

Go here for: a cold, portable treat to satisfy any tea or boba craving

Order this: mung bean anything for an icy drink, taro milk or brown sugar milk boba or pudding milk tea for something decadent, bruleed pineapple oolong tea or bruleed orange green tea for something refreshing

Amount of time to spend: 5-10 minutes takeaway

When to come: when you thirsty

Other things to note: 

  • They also have a decent selection of hot drinks, and have two sizes for drinks.
  • In terms of toppings in addition to the usual (boba, aiyu, grass jelly) they also have osmanthus jelly and coconut jelly

Last visited: September 2021

Last updated: October 2021

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