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miss v bakery

a blogger favorite bakery and cafe 

Taipei seems to have an over-indexing affinity for bakery cafes that feel vaguely American. Like if it were designed by someone who had the idea of an American bakery cafe described to them. Miss V is one of those places. Beloved by bloggers, Miss V has two locations one in the quiet residential side streets near Songshan Airport and one in the popular alleys by Zhongshan Station. Both locations offer a casual homey atmosphere with few tables that are nearly always occupied, and a constant stream of customers picking up their desserts and pastries to go.

The sit down cafe has a menu of vaguely western dishes that are a hit or miss. Their coffee (and other beverages) are fine but forgettable, about as you’d expect in such an establishment. So what’s up with the hype? Where Miss V passes as a cafe, it excels as a bakery. Cinnamon buns come in several rotating flavors and roll out the door by the box. Their cakes and tarts are as pretty as they are tasty, often featuring seasonal Taiwanese fruits.

the details

Address Zhongshan: No 22, Chifeng St, Lane 49, Datong District, Taipei City Songshan: No 6, Dunhua N Rd, Lane 222, Songshan District, Taipei City
Website https://missvbakery.cyberbiz.co/
Instagram @missvbakery
Hours Zhongshan: 11:00 – 19:30 every day Songshan: 09:00 – 19:00 every day
Price $$ – meals are 200-300NT+, drinks are 100-200NT
Aesthetic simple bakery vibes, warm, inviting, feminine in a muted cottage core kind of way

good to know

Go here for: a sweet treat, a casual breakfast

Order this: skip the food and go straight to the sweets – breads and pastries and cakes

Amount of time to spend: up to 2 hours for dining in, or 10-15 minutes for takeaway (there’s often a line)

When to come: weekdays for walk ins (best to come early for most available selections)

Getting here: 

  • Zhongshan: about half way between Zhongshan station (red, green) and Shuanglian (red), best bet is to use the R9 exit from the underground mall connecting the two stations.
  • Songshan: take the brown line to Zhongshan Junior High School and follow Ln 361 east for a couple minutes to the bakery at the corner right before you hit Dunhua N Rd.

Other things to note: For dine in service, you order at the counter. There is a 150NT minimum order per person and a 2 hour time limit.

Last visited: August 2021

Last updated: September 2021

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