come for the einspanners, stay for the patio

Koreatown has always been the hub for cafes. Not just the Instagram famous ones or the snobby roasters, though there are plenty of those, but the ones that invite longer stays, for conversation, for studying, for hanging out even after the sun sets, capturing the energy of cafe culture in Seoul. Memorylook feels like the kind of place that would come up on your FYP in the form of a Hongdae vlog. Instead it is coming up on your FYP as yet another hyped cafe in LA. Admittedly, it is ripe for that kind of attention. The streetwear style combined with minimalist aesthetic and maximalist drinks is primed for the internet era, attracting both hype seeking Tiktok crowd and the aesthetic seeking Instagram crowd.

But real Angelenos know that the selling point is the adjacent parking lot (a Ktown miracle), and generous patio seating. Plus it’s a stone’s throw from Surawon so easy access to soondubu. Like many Koreatown counterparts, they have generous hours, open late. Ample seating, some indoor, many outdoor (with windows the open out, blurring the two on a pleasant day). Free wifi. Always at least a 40% ratio of college-aged kids, mostly Asian, often with laptops in tow. Their claim to fame is the Einspanner, a decadent cream topped coffee that has European roots but Korean renaissance. Throw in some decent matcha and fancy donuts and it’s an easy viral hit. But on weekdays and in the evenings when the stream of customers is slower, it is kind of a perfect cafe for working and for hanging out on a lovely LA day.

the details

Address2881 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles
Hours8am – 9pm every day
Price$$-$$$ – on the higher end of cafes, but also more reasonably priced that you’d think for a place like this
Aestheticminimalist, black and white, with classic patio vibes

good to know

Go here for: caffeine that tastes like dessert, a post-meal matcha, an outdoor cafe working session

Order this: the einspanner latte, or matcha einspanner; and a creme brulee doughnut

Amount of time to spend: an hour, or a whole morning or afternoon, it’s easy to linger

When to come: weekdays for working, evenings for a chill night hang

Parking: is available in a decent sized lot out back, and honestly that alone should be the source of its hype

Other things to note: 

  • There is free wifi, the password is listed on the menu.
  • They also serve wine and beer; and have some food options (but do yourself a favor and just get food at one of the many many restaurants on Olympic)

Last visited: November 2023

Last updated: January 2024

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