hong kong

Hong Kong is such a unique place in this world. It is perhaps the most Western nook, nestled solidly in the East. It’s incredibly modern, has (what I think) is the most beautiful skyline in the world, and a host of problems that comes with its situation. 

To me, Hong Kong represents globalization in all its strengths, in all its flaws. The history, the future, and the conflicted present. But because of this, the spirit of its people, packed tightly into the concrete behemoths of tiny apartments, is inspiring. Hong Kong has an incredible art scene. The design studios alone are some of the best in the world, bridging that gap between East and West once again, translating one from the other, sitting expertly in the intersection, bringing the best of both worlds into beautifully designed work. 

I’ve only been to Hong Kong once, in the dead of summer (do not recommend). But it really captured something that, at the time, I couldn’t quite place my finger on. I think it’s the determination to exist as an exception, to be exceptional. Everyone there seems to be trying to find a healthy balance between tolerance and persistence. And I find that very admirable. 

From the shiny skyscrapers to the rude efficient table service at local noodle shops, Hong Kong proves it’s small yet mighty, and I hope to spend more time getting to know it.

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